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Attempt to Queen of Britain

10.02.2019 Anton Chekhov

A British journalist released information that Queen Elizabeth II was attacked right at the dinner table.

So, during dinner, the drunken Duchess of Cornwall attacked the queen.

Lady Camilla drank too much at dinner and began to behave aggressively with Queen Elizabeth, accusing her of letting her husband Prince Philip ride alone in a car after he had an accident.

They say that Lady Camilla mixed several types of alcohol and began to behave quite inadequately. It is said that she began to shout at the monarch, launched a glass of red and wine in her direction and tore her pearl necklace.

The Duchess of Cornwall barely dragged from the queen, and the cleaning lady was forced to call the guard.

Now Camille is forbidden to attend any family activities, and that the Duchess of Cornwall is justified, claiming that she does not remember anything like that.

Recall that the Queen of Great Britain is too significant a figure to treat lightly everything related to her. Especially when it comes to preparing for the death of the reigning monarch.

It was the possible death of Elizabeth II that gathered the members of the London executive power the other day at the negotiating table. Officials discussed a protocol that should be followed in the event of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. This action plan is called Operation London Bridge.

The British press writes that the London government is already preparing for the possible death of Queen Elizabeth II in the near future. The protocol, designed to regulate the rules of conduct of the capital of Great Britain in the event of the death of the monarch, implies the following:

  • the introduction of ten-day mourning throughout the country;
  • the bells of Big Ben on the tenth day after the death of the queen;
  • the funeral;

New King’s visit to Scotland and Wales. The eldest son of Elizabeth II after the death of his mother will have to demonstrate that he is an integral part of the royal family.

It is expected that the funeral of Elizabeth II will be the first large-scale mourning ceremony since the death of Winston Churchill. We remind you that the British Prime Minister passed away in 1965.