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Foreign Ministry explained the new US sanctions attempt to revenge for Syria

27.05.2019 Anton Chekhov

The Foreign Ministry said that US new sanctions against Russian organizations are trying to get some revenge for helping Russia strengthen Syrian air defense.

Washington has been marked by new anti-Russian measures for the second time this week. The Russian Foreign Ministry notes that the US “seems to be in a hurry to erase the positive nature of the visit” by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Russia. The US is formally trying to accuse Russia of “violating a US law prohibiting military-technical cooperation with Iran, North Korea and Syria”. However, what does this law have to do with Russia?

The United States and some of its partners have repeatedly tried to check the strength of air defense of the Syrian Arab Republic by attacking in violation of international law. But their attempts were unsuccessful. The ministry considers that US sanctions are the way to avenge Russia’s help in strengthening Syrian air defense.

The Foreign Ministry points to the fact that a few days ago, Washington imposed sanctions against Terek, a special squad quick response of the Rosgvardia. The agency notes that in this way the United States “seems to be trying to prevent the fight against terrorists.”

The foreign ministry called on the US authorities to think about how unsightly they expose themselves, not to mention the damage that is being done to Russian-American relations and the possibilities of bilateral cooperation. Of course, Russia will not turn off its course and continue to resolutely uphold international law, oppose terrorism and cooperate with other states of its choice.

Recall, on Tuesday, the United States imposed sanctions against two Russian enterprises and a training center. The restrictions included the training center of the anti-aircraft forces in Gatchina, the Tula Instrument Engineering Bureau and the Avangard plant, which manufactures S-300 and S-400.