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Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) bloody uprising in Tajikistan: dozens killed

28.05.2019 Anton Chekhov

On the night of May 18-19, a riot of especially dangerous Islamists broke out in the correctional colony of the city of Vahdat in Tajikistan, which resulted in the death of the guards and the prisoners themselves.

About half past eight on the evening of May 18, thirty particularly dangerous convicted ISIS terrorists made an escape attempt. Armed with knives and cutting objects, the rebels took hostage, and then killed three employees of the colony. The prisoners demanded that they be released immediately.

The press service of the Ministry of Justice of Tajikistan said that during the negotiations, an armed conflict arose between the convicts themselves, who resisted with knives and other sharp objects, injuring several employees of the institution’s security.

As a result, 29 prisoners were killed, another 35 were detained.

Who are the organizers?

The organizers of the prison riot became members of Islamist groups, convicted of especially serious crimes. Among them is 18-year-old Bekhruz Gulmurod, the son of former Colonel Gulmurod Khalim, who was killed in Syria and Fahriddin Gulov, 25, sentenced to 26 years in prison as the leader of a criminal group in August 2018. He and his gang were preparing to commit a series of terrorist attacks in Dushanbe.

They killed three employees of the colony – Majors Burkhoniddin Murodov and Abdujabbor Halimov, as well as Senior Lieutenant Mahmud Asoev.

It is reported that after they freed eight other ISIL militants who had served their sentences in the punishment cell, they brutally killed five well-known prison inmates in the colony.

In an attempt to escape from detention, the militants set fire to the medical unit and took several prisoners and prison staff as hostages.

All persons taken hostage were released. The usual regime in the institution is restored, the situation is under control. The Prosecutor General’s Office of Tajikistan opened a criminal case, and an investigation is underway.