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Robots replace journalists

10.02.2019 Anton Chekhov

The world’s leading media have long been using artificial intelligence (AI) and technology to create some materials.

Almost a third of the content published by Bloomberg News, created using automated technologies. Thanks to a system called Cyborg, the publication creates thousands of news.

The Associated Press uses robots to create news about the lowest baseball league in the US – artificial intelligence copes with the announcement of match results and identifies the best players. The Associated Press began using technology to write materials back in 2014, signing a contract with Automated Insights.

Recently in the Australian version of The Guardian came the first story written by artificial intelligence. This story was devoted to the amount of donations of a particular political party. Currently, Forbes is testing a tool called Bertie that will help reporters create material templates for them.

The Washington Post has a robot, Heliograf, which proved its usefulness during the 2016 Summer Olympics and presidential elections in the United States.

In addition, Heliograph participated in publications covering local elections in certain regions – this practice is called geotargeting.

Despite the fact that there are errors in the work of artificial intelligence, experts welcome the use of robots in the media. First of all, the AI ​​does not need spell checking – it is already literate and complies with all the language rules that are laid down in it.

In addition, unlike the usual correspondents, who consider the monotonous work boring, the system performs its work calmly and never complains.

However, robot journalists will not become a full-fledged replacement for people, said Lisa Gibbs, director of the partnership at the Associated Press. According to her, the release of man from the routine will allow him to devote more time to creativity.

As reported, the famous robot Sophia had a younger sister.

Meanwhile, the new model of artificial intelligence has surpassed the person in reading and understanding the text.