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Spanish drugs with micro implants

10.02.2019 Anton Chekhov

Recently, near Madrid, the police detained a suspicious man. He turned out to be a rather non-standard packer. It turned out that the detainee had worked as a drug dealer for a long time and had been hiding until today. The man was very carefully hiding from the law. According to the police, the drug dealer was wanted for 15 years.

The Drug Enforcement Administration and the national Spanish police have made a lot of efforts to catch them. Investigation is underway, the name of the offender is not disclosed. The detainee went to a risky act. The move he made is quite original and tricky. To prevent him from being caught by the fingerprints, the man made an unusual operation for himself. He had an operation to cut off the fingertips. After that, he sewed micro implants in his skin instead of fingertips.

The suspect greatly changed fingerprints. Due to the operations performed, the prints have changed almost beyond recognition. But the drug dealer came to the conclusion that these changes are not enough for complete secrecy and security. Therefore, he also performed a hair transplant so that it could not be recognized at all. The statement indicated that the suspect came up with a well-planned scheme.

For a peaceful movement around the world, a man faked all his documents. He had several different types of documents. The fake papers were created in the name of a Peruvian, as well as a Croatian citizen.

Police officers conducted an inspection. During the search, fake documents were found, as well as two mobile phones. Special applications have been found on these mobile phones. With the help of these programs, special services could not track its location, calls and messages.

These applications made it difficult for the security services to locate this man.The drug suspect had business connections with other criminals. He turned out to be an accomplice of the Galician smuggler and drug dealer Sito Minyako, who was sentenced to four years in prison a few days ago and ordered to pay a fine of € 6 million for money laundering and human trafficking.

In October last year in Spain, the police surrendered to one of the most wanted drug traffickers, Francisco Tehon. This happened after he appeared in the video in the style of reggaeton. Tehon led the Castanos gang, which was engaged in the sale of hashish in Morocco and Spain