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Special meeting of the government opened in japan because of the killing of a child

10.02.2019 Anton Chekhov

The government of Japan opened a special meeting headed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in connection with the case of the recent murder of the child by the parents of the inaction of the guardianship.

The school, the education committee, children’s counseling, which are obliged to protect the child, despite the fact that they received an SOS signal, could not save the child’s life. It is inexpressibly bitter. It is necessary to direct all forces to the eradication of child abuse, having protection of a child’s life as the main priority.

The prime minister instructed to conduct an urgent check in all children’s consultations within a month in order to identify all cases where there is reason to suspect abuse and beating of children by their parents, as well as to develop a system of interaction of all bodies involved in protecting the lives of children, including the police, with in order to ensure the safety of secrets of information about bullying and to improve interaction with problem parents.

At the end of January, 10-year-old Mia Kurihara was found dead in the bathroom of her apartment after prolonged harassment and beatings by her own father. As the investigation found out, in the school questionnaire the girl admitted that she was regularly beaten by her father.

Shock in society caused a phrase that ended the questionnaire: “Sensei, could you do something?”. Rather than stand up for the child, the guardianship authorities went for an official violation and handed the questionnaire into the hands of the father.

In January, the guardianship from the school received a message that Mia had never appeared in class since the beginning of the year. As it later became known from the words of the mother, the father beat her every day, forced her to stand, did not let her sleep, woke her and beat her, poured her on with icy water.

Traces of beatings were noticeable on the girl’s body, which is why her father did not let her go to school and to the street. Two days after the message from the school about the passes, Mia died after another douche of ice water.

Pathologists found that the child did not eat anything at least two days before his death. Last year, the girl was taken into custody by the guardianship due to serious suspicions that she was being bullied at home. Then, without any good reason, she was allowed to go home.