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Student comes on couple in cat’s suit

10.02.2019 Anton Chekhov

A student of the Ural State Archit ctural University (URGAHU) in Russia came to classes in a costume of a cartoon character. This character was a famous talking cat named Garfield. In this way, he tried to appease the teacher Nadezhda Solopova, who adores cats. The reaction of the woman was filmed. The teacher was very happy and promised the student a lifelong delivery of tests in her subject.

Students of the teacher Nadezhda Savvichna Solopova found out about her love for cats and came to her in pairs in clothes with cats, headbands with cat ears or notebooks and canisters with a cat print.

Several live cats were brought to classes several times, one of the students said. A student reports that once she and her group mate brought a cat into pairs. There was no limit to the teacher’s happiness; she was very happy, stroked the cat and wished her health. After that the test was made instantly.

In Yekaterinburg, one of the teachers at the university is very fond of cats. Each session, students come with notebooks and T-shirts with the image of seals, to get credit.

But then the guy surpassed everyone and showed up for a couple in the most original costume of the cat Garfield. Unfortunately, the student cat did not receive a machine gun in her subject, because she did not know who was hiding in a red barb costume.

Another university graduate, Anastasia, said that the teacher’s love for cats only fueled interest in the subject. It all started with the fact that when Nadezhda Savvichna was giving a lecture and walking between the desks, she noticed someone herself, such as a pencil case with cats or a notebook, and was always very happy about it. And then they all understood it and started putting on pairs of headbands with cat ears, clothes with cats and so on. Also, some students painted their faces with colors in different faces of cats.

The girl added that the teacher and the truth is not indifferent to the cats, but does not force anyone to come to the tests in such suits.

The students became so fond of the teacher that they even created a community in VKontakte in her honor called “Nadezhda Savvichna and Her Fish”. In social networks you can really find a lot of photos of students of the URGAHU who come to pairs on the right with cat ears, and even with live cats. The boys and cats look quite happy with life.