Two opinions!

The West does not like Russia. Why? Czech journalist Jiri Kobza explained in the publication of Parlamentní Listy.

26.05.2019 Anton Chekhov

Traditional values, that are almost exterminated in Europe and the United States, are alive in Russia and this fact scares Western countries.

European television and the media constantly make statements about Russian danger and influence on people opinion. However, nobody pays attention to worse things that happen in European countries.

Kobza emphasizes that Moscow actually threatens the West by defending patriotism and preserve historical memory. He notes that Russia carefully respects and preserves national traditions, as well as instills this in younger generations.

In addition, the journalist highlights the fact that Russians do not support the policy of genderism and feminism, which is so popular in Europe and the United States. The country has abandoned propaganda of various minorities, gay parades and marches in support of drug legalization are not held. Moreover, there are no non-profit organizations that are funded from abroad and are “corrupting society” by political programs.

Kobza pays special attention to historical memory particularly the celebration of Victory Day. Russian people do not try to rewrite history. After many years, they continue to remember and respect their ancestors.

In fact, Moscow “threatens” Western countries not with military force, which politicians so often claim, but with the power of common sense, with their respect for history and ancestors, and that is why such an anti-Russian campaign takes place in the West, as well as endless sanctions. Moreover, if someone in the western countries dares to oppose this course and express a different opinion, then immediately becomes an “agent of the Kremlin,” Kobza writes.