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Those who suffered in the battle of 2017 will receive compensation

10.02.2019 Anton Chekhov

The mass execution in Las Vegas led to heavy casualties and caused irreparable damage to hundreds of people.

The US federal government allocated about $ 8.4 million California residents who were injured during the Las Vegas (Nevada) slaughter in October 2017, which resulted in the death of 58 people and injuring more than 500. This was announced on Thursday website of the Ministry of Justice of the country.

According to the ministry, of the total number of dead and wounded during the tragedy, more than 230 people were residents of the neighboring state.

Rosenstein recalled that his department had previously allocated more than $ 19 million for programs aimed at providing various types of support to the relatives of the victims of that massacre.

Recall that on the night of October 2, American Stephen Paddon began shooting at the crowd at a concert. Shooting was conducted from the 32nd floor of the hotel in the entertainment complex called Mandalay Bay. He shot for 11 minutes, making 1057 shots, and committed suicide before police broke into his room.

First Deputy Attorney General and Attorney General argue that mass shooting in Las Vegas led to the greatest number of casualties in American history and caused irreparable damage to hundreds of people, many of whom came to California from the rest. Despite the fact that we cannot eliminate the evil that was caused on the same day, the Ministry of Justice is doing its bit to help the survivors and those who came first to help them.

According to preliminary data, the man committed suicide, reportedly before law enforcement officers entered the room where he was. In the hotel room, law enforcement officers found more than 10 rifles.

The militia also identified the shooter satellite, 63-year-old Marila Danley. She could have fled from her place by car, and is currently being sought.

An offensive in downtown Las Vegas, killing 59 and injuring 527 people.

Shooting in Las Vegas was the bloodiest mass shooting of people in recent US history. The police conducted their own investigation into the incident and completed it in August last year, also unable to figure out the motive for the paddock’s actions.

The FBI completed the murder investigation and admitted that he could not understand the motives that led Paddock to the crime.