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What is binding ukraine and egypt?

10.02.2019 Anton Chekhov

The Tatra-Yug company with an office in Odessa and production facilities in the Dnieper at the Yuzhmash plant, after a lengthy development, published on its official website information about its first fully low-floor trams.

From Ukraine began the delivery of equipment to Egypt. The first Ukrainian tram was successfully delivered to the place of destination. He became the articulated model K1E6 of the famous domestic manufacturer Tatra-South. First, he will be exploited in Oleksandria. The Yuzhmash plant, which houses the Tatra-Yug production facilities, left the tram on New Year’s holidays. But the video from this event appeared on the company’s official Facebook page only at the beginning of February.

At first, the first delivery was planned for June 2018. The plant in the Dnieper began to fulfill the order late, because the Egyptian side for a long time did not pay in advance. The tram, produced for Egypt, was tested on the network of tram routes in the Dnieper, starting from last summer.

Each section of the tram was transported separately on a trailer. For this purpose, a special TAD Classic trailer from the domestic manufacturer Trans-Avto-D was used. In the coupling with him was a MAN TGX 26.540 heavy truck tractor with the wheel formula 6×4. The car is equipped with a 12.4-liter D2676LF13 turbodiesel with a capacity of 540 hp. By car installed the most spacious cabin for this family – XXL. Model K1E6 ideal for Egypt.

Also Tatra-South set several more trams to Egypt.

In total, 15 pieces of model K1E6 were sent. In the future several more trams will be delivered.

Note that in December 2018, it became known that Tatra-Yug also won a tender for the supply of 10 low-floor trams for Kiev. This is a three-section low-field model K1M6. Each tram will cost the capital 42.8 mln. Delivery of these machines will be completed before the end of 2019, according to enterprises of Ukraine. It should be noted that about 250 Ukrainian enterprises-subcontractors take part in the production of trams from the Tatras-South. Such 10 cars K1M6 put in Kiev until the end of 2019.